Stock optimisation with SNC Smart Stock

Stock optimisation, an improved service level-based ability to supply and an automated purchasing process are just some of the benefits SNC Smart Stock offers for your warehouse logistics.

With "SNC Smart Stock" stock optimisation for Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, you can enjoy the perfect balance between excellent availability and minimal costs. Keep a close eye on your stocks at all times and ensure your warehouse has the right stocks at the right time, and in the right place too.

Using Business Central (ERP system) as the basis, this stock optimisation solution provides support in particular for small and medium-sized businesses to become more competitive in the long term.

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Benefits you can expect to enjoy from SNC Smart Stock

Efficient stock optimisation
Takes history and seasonality into account
Transparent dashboards
Automated purchasing processes

Keep control of your warehouse with SNC Smart Stock

Optimise your warehouse stocks

Ensure you have a good balance within your warehouse by avoiding unnecessary excess stock or unwanted bottlenecks. This not only saves time and money, it also reduces the risk of building up dead assets.

Be smart and deploy the resources you have correctly: by having the optimum level of stock, you can reduce the total value of stock or invest your resources into the ability to supply critical A-rated items.


An improved ability to supply makes your customers more satisfied

The optimum availability of stock is the cornerstone of a successful partnership in the long term. SNC Smart Stock helps you ensure you have the right stocks in the right place. To do this, you can define the required service level for your items. You can generate a precise demand forecast in order to keep the ideal level of stock for each item. Both the history and seasonality can be taken into account for this purpose.

With your stock optimised using SNC Smart Stock, you can attain a service level of up to 99 % with minimal stocks.


Automated purchasing processes

What is the best thing about software? Quite simply, it makes your work easier. 

SNC Smart Stock manages to do precisely as it is integrated into Business Central. Smart Stock helps you with your purchasing tasks by making optimum calculations and suggesting recommended orders.  Inventory safety levels no longer need to be managed manually, but are instead reviewed automatically on a daily basis. Your master data are up-to-date at all times – giving you time to focus on other duties.

Stock management

What is stock management, and what do you need to do for your stock management? An overview can be found here. 

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