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Professional warehouse logistics based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV

Improve all logistics processes in your company with our warehouse management software based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV.

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Warehouse Management System - SNC Logistics

Warehouse management based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

A modern warehouse management system for the best performance of your intralogistics. This is what SNC Logistics from the SIEVERS-GROUP offers.

Raise your warehouse logistics to the highest level so that your goods are always in the right place at the right time. With our professional warehouse logistics solution, your processes become measurably more efficient. This not only saves time and money, you also increase your security.

With SNC Logistics, you rely on an established warehouse management software that can be fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. Our experienced logistics and digitalisation professionals combine given conditions with innovative solutions when designing your optimal intralogistics. Keep up with the pulse of time.

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NEW: WMS NOW. - Implement your warehouse management system at full speed

You want to optimize your intralogistics with the help of a reliable solution with investment security? Ideally combined with a transparent and agile project approach? Then you should take a closer look at WMS NOW.

WMS NOW. is a combination of a comprehensive update of our proven warehouse management system SNC Logistics and a new, agile implementation concept. The motto is: as much standard as possible, avoid individualisations, but do not exclude them.

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Your advantages with the Warehouse management system SNC Logistics

Voll integrierte Lösung
Fully integrated solution

SNC Logistics is a fully integrated warehouse management solution

Error prevention in the warehouse

People make mistakes - SNC Logistics does not

Increased efficiency

Rapid amortisation through time savings and optimised processes

High stock accuracy

You know exactly what is going on in the warehouse

Optimale Prozesse
Optimal processes

The right goods are in the right place at the right time

The highlights of the warehouse management system SNC Logistics

Order picking

Integration in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

The warehouse management system SNC Logistics is a certified, professional warehouse management system. It is seamlessly integrated into your existing ERP system Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. The software is thus significantly better performing and more fail-safe because vulnerable interfaces to external solutions are avoided.

Moderne Technologie

Use of the latest technologies

Order picking with pen and paper? Goods receipt at a fixed location? That's history! Together with our partners, we are able to realise a professional overall picture of your intralogistics. In doing so, we do not only focus on modern technologies. Our goal is to use the optimal key technologies for your requirements. And that across the entire value chain within your warehouse logistics!

Cloud und Hybrid

Cloud and hybrid capability

On-site, in the cloud, hybrid? We offer several deployment options that give you flexibility. All approaches offer a variety of possibilities and challenges. Use the warehouse management system SNC Logistics in a way that suits your business and budget.

Customer testimonials to SNC-Logistics

Customer testimonial Weiling:
“Thanks to our IT partner and consultant SIEVERS-GROUP, we were involved in the project with our IT specialists from the very beginning. The advantage: knowledge build-up from the very first hour. This made the changeover much easier for us and we were able to start smoothly with ERP and WMS and no one even remembers the old system anymore.”
Ellen Hörnemann (Head of Quality Management, Weiling GmbH)
Customer testimonial Mössle:
“The processes in food logistics and in particular the correct provision of goods are very complex and challenging: high time pressure, different temperature zones and limited space. The SIEVERS-GROUP took on this task as a main contractor and created and ultimately implemented a great concept, taking into account all factors for the warehouse movements.”
Pascal Lerch (Authorized representative & project manager, Mössle GmbH)
Customer testimonial EuroTec:
“Turn two into one. This was the challenge facing the SIEVERS-GROUP: switching from an interface-based solution with WMS (third-party supplier) and ERP in separate databases to a system in which WMS (SNC Logistics) and ERP are integrated in one database. Today we use everything from one system: from cross-order and single-order picking, batch tracking to mobile displays on forklift terminals and MDE devices.”
Thomas Rensburg (Head of IT, EuroTec GmbH)
Customer testimonial HB München
“In a way, we have been catapulted into a new age by the WMS!”
Jürgen Breitsameter (Head of Logistics & Materials Management, Hofbräuhaus München)

Efficient, effective and tailored to your requirements - SNC Logistics

Features of the Warehouse management system

Load carriers

Maintain individual load carriers and track them within the value chain.

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Warehouse control centre

Complete transparency of all logistical processes and of the warehouse.


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Umlagerung der Ware
Stock transfer of goods

Seamless digital tracking of goods through scanner and forklift technologies.

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Vereinnahmung der Ware
Goods Receipt

Manage incoming goods professionally and sustainably.


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Order picking and inventory
Order picking and inventory

More flexibility through multi-order picking. Prepare your goods for different shipping methods.

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Order picking and other closing activities


This is where warehouse logistics comes full circle. The goods issue (if necessary multi-level) and the dispatch are the last link in your process chain.

The warehouse management system SNC Logistics offers you the possibility to prepare goods for different types of dispatch using different strategies. This allows you to react flexibly to requirements from different areas (e.g.: deep-freeze warehouses and sliding shelves). Multi-order picking is just one of the many possibilities that SNC Logistics has available for you. 

Another benefit results from a considerable increase in efficiency in the area of inventory. SNC Logistics maps different inventory types. Due to the high effort involved, the classic annual inventory is supplemented by more flexible approaches. For example, a zero-crossing or a permanent inventory can represent a considerable optimisation potential.

  • Annual inventory
  • Zero-crossing inventory
  • Permanent inventory
  • Sample stocktaking (interface)

Receipt of your goods


The receipt of goods is the cornerstone of a complete traceability of the goods - both inside and outside your company. Taking into account the conditions on site and using modern technologies, the goods are received into the system in the same way as they are actually moved.

With SNC Logistics you have the possibility to handle your incoming goods professionally and sustainably. From individual containers to mixed pallets, every type of load carrier can be mapped. The combination of a practice-oriented warehouse topology, strategies for an automated storage location search, as well as a mobile data entry, allows you a paperless and traceable goods receipt.

Multi-level goods receipt:

  • Seamless item tracking within warehouse logistics.
  • Mapping of the warehouse topology & creation of load carriers
  • Storage strategies 
  • Quality control
  • Cross-docking
  • Tracking of serial numbers, batches & best before dates per item
  • Categorisation of A/B/C articles
  • Definition of zones

Load carriers


Euro pallet, industrial pallet, mesh box, large and small load carriers. Load carriers are an essential tool for handling the material flow in intralogistics. The selection of suitable load carriers is always geared to the special requirements within warehouse logistics. 

The warehouse management system SNC Logistics enables you to maintain individual load carriers in the system and to track them within the value chain. Both load carriers with a single article and load carriers loaded with several articles can be used. This results in 100 % transparency within the intralogistics. You can determine at any time where a pallet can be found, how it is filled (including shelf life, series and batch numbers) and how it has been moved within the intralogistics.

Warehouse control centre - full transparency of your logistics processes


Transparency and simple controlling are two important factors for successful action by your company. This applies above all to order control in intralogistics.

The warehouse management system SNC Logistics provides the management with an overview of the warehouse through complete transparency of all logistical processes. In this way, deadlines can be monitored, clearances can be issued and, if necessary, measures can be derived. Using the order cockpit, you can see at a glance the warehouse's degree of capacity utilisation.

  • Creation of series
  • Issuing of clearances
  • Monitoring of logistics processes & deadlines
  • Order cockpit

Transferring your goods


The movement of goods within your warehouse also requires a high degree of precision and care. 

Here you can count on complete traceability with the help of scanner and forklift technologies and banish manual work with paper from the warehouse. Here, too, different, situation-dependent stock transfers can be defined in advance using strategies.

  • Replenishment strategies
  • Fixed and chaotic picking locations
  • Fixed and chaotic warehouse management
  • Radio data transmission (mobile scanners and forklift terminals)

Add-ons for SNC Logistics

Mobile Datenerfassung
Mobile data capture
RFID solutions
Sample stocktaking
Mobile data collection via forklift terminal or mobile data collection device

Mobile data entry is one of the established approaches within warehouse logistics. With the help of special masks, employees are guided through the process. When checking the individual steps by scanning or entering information, errors are reduced as much as possible.

Even complex processes, such as stock corrections, breakage bookings or a zero-crossing inventory, can be displayed.
The warehouse management system SNC Logistics offers an integrated solution for process control with mobile data entry screens. All essential processes are displayed. In addition, these can be strongly individualised to meet your requirements.

The advantages:

  • Fast ROI
  • High quality through security scans
  • Mapping of all intralogistical processes possible
  • Real-time (online)
  • Scalable
  • Average of 3 process steps per operation (scan, verify, enter quantity)

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Mobile data collection via pick-by-voice

Voice solutions are a serious alternative to classic radio data transmission order picking. Processes designed for voice are fast and minimise errors. In combination with check digits at the storage locations, superfluous entries are avoided so that employees can concentrate on the essential.

With this lean process, employees have both hands free so that heavier items can also be picked. In addition, it is possible to integrate scanners into these "hands- and eyes-free" processes.

Together with our partner Topsystem, the warehouse management system SNC Logistics offers you an integrated solution for defining voice processes. This enables you to use voice-controlled processes without having to implement further interfaces.

The advantages:

  • Fast ROI
  • High quality through optimised processes
  • Real-time (online)
  • Easy to expand

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RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)

The possible applications of RFID solutions (AutoId process) along the entire value chain are manifold - especially in intralogistics!
From bulk recording in incoming goods, to Kanban solutions, to the tracking of load carriers, there are several applications in which radio data transmission can show its strengths. 

When designing concepts, we always keep the entire value chain in mind.

Two approaches are particularly interesting in the field of intralogistics:

  • Automatic replenishment control (eKanban) for C-parts.
  • Consumption-controlled provision of items at the picking shelf. 
  • In combination with the identification and tracking of containers in the WMS system, replenishment can be optimised.
  • RTI (Returnable Transport Item)
  • Tracking and status tracking of load carriers and their contents.
  • Load carrier or container tracking in intralogistics means to avoid search times and reduce safety stock.
  • High transparency and tracking along the entire value chain.

Together with our partner company Kathrein Solutions, we develop solution concepts that promise high process quality. AutoId solutions are sensibly embedded in the overall strategy here.

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Sample stocktaking

Many companies still use the classic annual inventory in intralogistics. In recent years, technical innovations have made it possible to reduce the time required for such an overall inventory.

Our partner, the REMIRA GROUP, has developed the REMIRA STATCONTROL solution. This uses legally approved and widely tested statistical procedures to replace full inventories with reliable and cost-effective sampling procedures.
In combination with our professional WMS solution and the resulting high inventory accuracy, this procedure reduces the inventory effort by around 95 percent compared to an annual inventory.

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Data analysis and evaluation are also important factors in the field of intralogistics in order to measure the performance and economic efficiency of a warehouse. In order to provide assistance here, SNC Logistics offers you a selection of standardised reports. These are based on Power BI and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The business intelligence solution Microsoft Power BI simplifies the monitoring of important data of your company. The tool offers you a broad spectrum for the transformation, analysis and visualisation of data.

SNC Logistics offers the following reports:

  • Inventory turnover rate
  • Average stock level
  • Average storage time
  • Capital commitment
  • Storage location occupancy

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Trust, passion and experience - our promise as a strong partner

Mehr als 30 Jahre Logistik-Know-how
More than 30 years of logistics know-how
Europaweit im Einsatz
In use throughout Europe
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75 consultants and developers
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More than 8,000 users
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