WatchGuard TDR 5.8.5 Release Notes

WatchGuard TDR 5.8.5 Release Notes

Threat Detection and Response Release Notes
Version 5.8.5: 27 January 2020


  1. You can now save filters for date-based columns by last X days. When you open the page with the saved filter, you see data for the last X days. The filtered data includes the current day. [GPD-39724, GPD-39761]
  2. Updates to the Korean translations for host containment. [GPD-39323]
  3. When you define exceptions to a containment policy, you can now specify subnets with CIDR or slash notation. [GPD-33661, GPD-33662]
  4. The Windows Host Sensor installer now generates an install log file when you install or uninstall the Host Sensor. The installer saves the log in the Host Sensor installation folder. The default folder is C:\Program Files (x86)\WatchGuard\Threat Detection and Response. [GPD-39764]

Resolved Issues

  1. TDR Web UI no longer displays an error when you log out. [GPD-39829]
  2. When you export an HRP chart, the process icon now displays correctly. [GPD-39719]


Ansprechpartner in der SIEVERS-GROUP: Thomas Runte, ICT Security

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