WatchGuard: Neues Release Fireware 12.3.1 CSP1

[Blog] WatchGuard neues Release Fireware 12.3.1 CSP1

Fireware 12.3 CSP1 – dieser Beitrag listet die gelösten Issues auf:


Resolved Issues in Fireware v12.3.1 CSP 1 (Fireware Build 587168) 


  • This release resolves an issue which prevented the Front Panel from loading properly in the WebUI Dashboard. [FBX-14174] 
  • This release resolves an issue which caused the retrieval of the support diagnostic file to timeout. [FBX-14026] 


Fireware CSP Release Notes 2 

  • This release corrects the problem of out of range voltage for CMOS battery (VBat) on M5600 platform. [FBX-3399] 
  • This release resolves an issue which the M200 appliance would crash. [FBX-14455] 
  • This release resolves a firebox kernel driver crash issue. [FBX-14267] 
  • This version resolves an issue which SSLVPN client could not download and extract the SSLVPN client profile upon connection. [FBX-15432] 
  • This release resolves an issue in SD-WAN configurations where TCP reset packets are logged when TCP SYN Checking is disabled. [FBX-14982] 
  • This release resolve an issue that triggered a kernel panic scheduling while atomic crash. [FBX-15114, FBX-7483] 
  • Resolved an issue that prevented return traffic from leaving the correct interface when a zero-route BOVPN over TLS is configured. [FBX-14835, FBX-14547] 
  • The GAV dearchive logic has been improved for IAV scanning of files that exceed 10MB. [FBX-15215] 
  • HTTPS Proxy no longer logs negative values in the rcvd_byte field of the log message. [FBX-15190] 
  • The SMTP proxy will now reply with a "530" error code when STARTTLS "Sender Encryption" is set as "Required". [FBX-15067] 
  • A new session type has been introduced to prevent unnecessary SSLVPN log-offs when users source from the same Public NAT IP address. [FBX-14628] 
  • Improved IKEv1 tunnel negotiation logic to prevent shared secret mismatches when specific variables are defined. [FBX-15305] 
  • This release resolves several IKE process crashes. [FBX-14780, FBX-15359] 
  • This release resolves an S0 fault on XTMv and FireboxV virtual platforms. [FBX-9758] 
  • This release resolves a crash issue with Web Server certificate imports. [FBX-15281] 
  • The Explicit proxy now correctly handles and forwards URLs that include a port number, such as [ [FBX-15209] 
  • This release resolves an issue which would cause IPS/Application Control to fail in environments with high traffic volume. [FBX-14649] 
  • Fixed an issue that caused the IKE process to become stuck and fail to respond. [FBX-15491] 
  • A new client identifier has been added to ConnectWise integrations and is now included in all ConnectWise requests. [FBX-15527] 
  • Suppressed an occurrence of a kernel log message: netlink: 64 bytes leftover after parsing attributes. [FBX-15556] 
  • FQDND has been improved to better handle DNS reply packets. [FBX-15213, FBX-15200] 
  • A file descriptor leak within IKED has been resolved. [FBX-14679] 


Ansprechpartner in der SIEVERS-GROUP: Thomas Runte, ICT Security

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