WatchGuard: Neue Version Dimension 2.1.2

[Blog] WatchGuard: Neue Version Dimension 2.1.2

WatchGuard veröffentlichte am 14.3.19 das neue Release of Dimension v2.1.2.


Diese Version enthält Fehlerbehebungen und verschiedene Funktionserweiterungen, darunter:

  • Dimension kann jetzt Verbindungen von einer im FIPS-Modus konfigurierten Firebox akzeptieren
  • Dimension verwendet jetzt eine neue IP-Datenbankversion für die Bedrohung
  • Neue Dimension-Instanzen werden von Ubuntu 16.04 LTS unterstützt



Resolved Issues in Dimension v2.1.2



  • Non-ASCII characters in the Dimension notification email subject no longer cause emails to have an unreadable subject line. [FBX-14657]
  • Dimension now correctly uses IPv4 IP addresses to deliver emails to an IPv4-only network when the recipient has an IPv6 IP address. [FBX-3446]
  • Dimension now shows the correct uptime value for the system and database. [FBX-12744]
  • This release resolves a disk error issue that caused Dimension systems in Hyper-V to stop unexpectedly. [FBX-13400]
  • This release includes an update to the IP database for Threat Map. [FBX-15062]


Logging and Reporting

  • Dimension now supports connections from a Firebox configured in FIPS mode. [FBX-14821]
  • The Dashboard no longer fails to display complete data with the message COPY cluster_pe, column in_octets value is out of range for type bigint error in Dimension database log messages. [FBX-14914]
  • This release resolves an issue that caused PCI Compliance report generation to fail in French, Spanish, and Japanese. [FBX-15045, FBX-14571]
  • Dimension Web UI can now display External and VPN Bandwidth reports with a 10 minute interval. [FBX-13250]
  • Dimension can now correctly create reports for ConnectWise. [FBX-13067]
  • This release improves how quickly Dimension creates on-demand Services reports for large report periods. [FBX-12243]
  • A scheduled task now correctly generates the APT Malware Activity Trend report. [FBX-2880]



  • New Dimension systems deployed with this release will be supported by Ubuntu 16.04 LTS [FBX-13487]
  • This release resolves the reported vulnerability to CVE-2015-9251. [FBX-11558]
  • The Dimension system now automatically renews the self-signed web server certificate. [FBX-5984]


User Interface and Configuration

  • This release resolves the error An error occurred refreshing the VPN status: Invalid device ID that appears when you refresh the VPN Hub view. [FBX-13784]
  • You can now edit configuration history comments after the first page. [FBX-13761]
  • Help links in the Dimension Web UI are updated to the current Fireware documentation pages. [FBX-14086]
  • The dialog boxes for backup and restore of historical data now correctly display the backup location. [FBX-9797]
  • The Dimension setup wizard now checks whether your configured default gateway is on the same subnet as the IP address for the Dimension system. [FBX-9526]

Ansprechpartner in der SIEVERS-GROUP: Thomas Runte, ICT Security

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