WatchGuard: Fireware 12.5.2

WatchGuard: Fireware 12.5.2

Seit dem 5. Dezember ist Fireware 12.5.2 und WatchGuard System Manager 12.5.2 verfügbar. Die Version 12.5.2 ist ein Maintenance-Release. Es wurden viele Fehler und Probleme behoben, dafür gibt es nur wenige neue Features.

Enhancements and Resolved Issues in WSM and Fireware v12.5.2


  1. WatchGuard Cloud now supports upgrade, reboot, backup and restore actions. [FCCM-11, FCCM-6, FCCM-7]
  2. This release resolves an issue with very specific connections with packet filter policies. [FBX-16918]
  3. Reverse Proxy now creates the correct Web Application entry when Mobile VPN with SSL does not use the standard 443 port. [FBX-17112]
  4. The Firebox no longer creates excessive log messages with WARNING (ctstate is NEW, but ctstatus is SEEN_REPLY). [FBX-18013]
  5. The Blocked Sites link in the Firebox System Manager will now properly list all blocked content. This was already working in the WebUI. [FBX-17729]
  6. The Firebox now correctly handles all configured expiration times for a Blocked Sites entry in the Firebox System Manager. [FBX-18113]
  7. This release resolves a cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in the Fireware Web UI. [FBX-17988]


  1. You can now use Policy Manager to configure Link Monitor settings on Fireboxes with v11.12.4 or earlier. [FBX-16630]
  2. This release resolves an issue that does not allow you to edit SD-Wan Actions from the policy view. [FBX-17757]
  3. Policy Manager no longer incorrectly shows interface ath3 as disabled on T-series Fireboxes. [FBX-10840]

Proxies and Security Services

  1. This release resolves an issue that causes website logins to fail through the HTTP proxy with GAV enabled [FBX-17934, FBX-17968]
  2. You can now create spamBlocker exemptions email addresses that end with an underscore [FBX-17027]
  3. Logs that contain Instant Messenger application details are now correctly summarized in reports. [FBX-17359]
  4. This release resolves a Content Inspection issue that caused Webex's Network Recording Player to fail. [FBX-17989]


  1. IPSec routes are now correctly loaded after Firebox reboot. [FBX-17768]
  2. This release resolves a Mobile with SSL client crash. [FBX-12171]


  1. IPSec or Web type certificates are no longer limited to x.500 attributes under 64 characters in length. [FBX-13153]


Ansprechpartner in der SIEVERS-GROUP: Thomas Runte, ICT Security

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